Thursday, June 15, 2006


Houve há uns meses uma manifestação em Oxford a favor da experimentação em animais.
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"Most interestingly, this demonstration was not organized by scientists, but by a 16 year old student, Laurie Pycroft, who was unhappy with the one-sided public debate on this issue. He created a research advocacy website catchily called Pro-test, and went on to organize the march. Though there were plenty of scientists who spoke at the demonstration (as well as the local member of parliament), the mobilizing force behind this march seem not to be scientists. Animal rights activists have been far more successful in arguing their case to the general public, and this is partly because few researchers want to risk the kind of concentrated campaigns which have been carried out against the handful of researchers who have spoken for animal research (and Laurie himself is now a target ). Groups like Pro-test suggest that some of the messages from the scientific community are getting through, and the chance for a more open debate is welcomed. "
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